Our individual investors come from many different walks of life, in addition to trust funds and other organizations. 


Two Forms of Investment

We understand that investors come from different walks of life and therefore require different levels of involvement. KMB offers the flexibility to invest in different forms. Straight Capital Investment or Limited Partner Investment.

Straight Capital Investment:

The minimum investment required is $100,000. This option is for investors who are just looking for a return on their capital with no ties to specific individual real estate ventures. This allows the investor to gain access to returns of the entire broadened company. This return is mainly generated through our long term rental holdings. This is a great option and provides more security than putting your capital into a large stock securities holding because essentially it is tied to hard asset. The values are real, and the income is transparent. Feel free to take a look at our current rental financials to get an idea of how this income is generated.

Funds invested with KMB are required to remain in the fund for a period of one year. After the one year period, funds may be withdrawn with ample written notice.


Limited Partner Investment:

 Wit this investment vehicle, the capital requirements are all deal based. As mentioned before, you will become a limited partner with us and gain some ownership on the specific property. You won't have to lift a finger with the process of investment and everything will be completely transparent to you. This is designed for quicker turner overs and short term profits. We will present current fix and flip/build opportunities that we like with a certain budget and expected revenue calculated. If you choose so you will enter into the deal with us. Once the project is complete and sold, the investment is completed and everyone gets their return!

The profits are mostly taxable as ordinary income unless the fund is holding a long term rental property, in which case upon sale, that portion of the investment will be a capital tax gain.


Fee Terms and Conditions

The fund manager draws a 2% per annum fee to meet the expenses of the fund and is allowed up to 40% of the profit of limited partnership deals, however, each deal by deal partnership is negotiated before hand.
​If you would like additional information about partnership in KMB please feel free to use the email form on our Contact page to contact us.

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