Regardless of opportunity, data, finances, or strategy; even the most solid investments require the execution of a dedicating, knowledgable team, re-enforcing the culture throughout every step in the process.  We are proud to be part of a team that values every member for their unique talents and contributions and encourages community service and regard for the common good. 

Our team consists of licensed real estate professional, finance managers, and contracting teams. Our licensed real estate professionals help source REO, Foreclosed, Fannie Mae, and HUD properties that are severely undervalued. They assist in determining market valuations of property as well as market condition research. Our finance manger assists in capital allocation costs, budgeting, and payment operations. Our designer helps create the unique finished product that provides us with a custom feel. Making it appeal to a wide range of potential buyers and renters. 

KMB has worked with many licensed contracting professionals and will oversee the entire renovation for our investors. We have licensed plumbers, builders, electricians, mason professionals, HVAC professionals, Roofers, and painters.  

Investments LLC